About me

I'm Renn, always knitting something! 

Neurodivergent. Knitting and reading calms my soul. 

Perfectionist. Hopefully a blessing.... but probably also a curse? In any case, it means that I love editing. 

Welcoming neurodiversity, size inclusivity, accessibility, all kinds of bodies and abilities.

Avid supporter of local yarn suppliers (LYS), small businesses, and anyone just genuinely doing their thing.

Lover of test knitting and the community it creates.

"Why bother getting my pattern edited, when I already have test knitters?"

Testing and editing are TWO separate skills! Test knitters physically knit the pattern, see the actual fit on a body, take real measurements, and often make reasonable modifications to suit them. Generally, they do this for free, with their own materials.   

In contrast, a tech editor will go through the pattern line by line. They check every word, all the knitting math, and make sure it's free of errors. Usually, most of this is done before it hits the test knitters, so they can just focus on knitting! There's less time going back and forth with the testers needing to clarify instructions (or later, with makers who have bought your pattern). I'm here to help you and your pattern shine! Hopefully, this means more pattern sales for you!

My editing process

I can work with anyone who speaks and writes in English, anywhere in the world. I'm in South Australia.

I go through the pattern line by line. I'll make suggestions and work with you.
It's your pattern, your voice, and your choices.

STYLE SHEETS: Checking that formatting, language and style is consistent. If you don't have one yet, I can help you create one. 

KNITTING MATH: Checking that sizing, gauge, stitch counts, conversions and measurements all match (Craft Yarn Council / Ysolda / ASTM).

COPY EDITING: Checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, and readability.

CHARTS & SCHEMATICS: Checking they are correct and match with written instructions. 

PHOTOS: Checking the pattern matches visually, draft photos are fine.

NEW DESIGNERS: Yes! I'd love to work with you! 

MULTIPLE DESIGNS: I'm keen to collaborate with you on a long term basis.

UNLIMITED PASSES over your pattern until you're happy. 
Including a final pass after the test knitters have finished and provided their feedback / once you've incorporated your changes.

PDF files only, please. 

What if I miss an error?

The idea behind having an editor is that between us, we catch the errors.

I'm only human. Occasionally, things might get missed, despite my best efforts.

All I ask is that we communicate kindly and respectfully with each other to make it right.

I'd be happy to discuss compensation or a refund if something is very significant. 


Learn to Tech Edit Knitting course by Joeli Kelly, The Tech Editor Hub, 2023.

Future Goals

At this stage, I don't grade patterns. This is something I'm looking to add in the future!


Contact me below to discuss pricing options for your pattern(s).

For a limited time, I'm offering a FREE EDIT in exchange for a review to build my profile.

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